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Our 2018 schedule is out!!!
Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains, TN – April 9-13
Spring Scenics & Wildflowers, Cass, WV – May 2-5
Waterfalls and Fall Foliage, N.C. – October 7-10

More information to come soon.


Learn to “Paint With Light” during a nature photography field workshop with nature photographers, Bill and Linda. These workshops are not just photography tours. They are field workshops, with hands-on instruction in the field, demonstrations, group discussions, question-and-answer sessions, and plenty of one-on-one assistance as you meet, share, and learn from fellow nature photographers. And if you are lucky, home cooked meals by the Lanes at some of the workshops. Bill and Linda invite you to explore their site, to see how you can become a better nature photographer.

Great Smoky Mountains

Our first workshop, April 9-13 will be in the Great Smoky Mountains, TN ... Learn More »

Cass, WV

Our second workshop, May 2-5 will be in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia ... Learn More»

NC Waterfalls & Foliage,

Our third workshop, Oct. 8-11 is in North Carolina, and will focus on waterfalls and fall... Learn More»
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