What to Bring

35mm camera, digital, or any format, as long as camera is capable of manual operation (bring your instruction manual).

Know how to manually change ISO dial, shutter speed and f-stop.

Tripod – if you have one bring it; it’s a must for nature photography. Do not purchase one for the workshop without discussing it with us first. We have lots of loaners with which you can experiment. Or maybe you have a tripod you don’t like and would like to try something different; use ours. Don’t waste money on a worthless tripod; you will soon regret it. The single most important piece of equipment for improving your photography is the tripod. Get a good one. It’ll pay for itself. And, It will make you smile at the results!!

Gray card – available at any photography shop. Not necessary, but is a good tool while learning to recognize tones.

Cable release – we shoot a lot in low light; therefore, you need hands off the camera. Make sure the cable release fits your camera.

Binoculars – if you have them.

Storage – Bring plenty of storage. If you have a lap top or storage device bring it. If not, bring extra cards. Many participants download cards in the evening.

Lens – if you have a variety, bring them along. Workshops are a great time to play around with them and see exactly what they are capable of doing. They are often a lot more versatile than you realize.

Extra camera batteries.

A plastic drop cloth on which to kneel.

A good quality circular polarizer – Do not get cheap glass. You’ll come to regret it. Polarizers are one of the other most important pieces of equipment you’ll come to love. They are not inexpensive though. A way to save money is to purchase a circular polarizer for your largest mm lens and then purchase step up rings enabling you to use that polarizer with most of your lenses; the exceptions being wide angels and long telephotos. Step up rings are inexpensive.

5 to 7 digital images for discussion, in JPG format.
Please put these digital images on a CD or USB Drive.

And just in case…water bottle, bug spray, extra pair of shoes to get wet, flashlight, rain gear, alarm clock, extra snacks and drinks.

There’s no need to make major purchases before the workshop. Come to our workshop first or at least feel free to call us for advice.

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